CH. DYFRIG PURPLE RAIN (SBl c)

Sire: Zefiro Dei Baffi Buffi (Imp)

Dam: Gr. Ch. Bullamoor Dark Secret


Skye is expecting kittens with Sam (our Red Pt. Stud) mid April, 2019.


03.06.2017 - Bristol & District Cat Club - R. GCC  -  Judge  Mrs. A. Lyall


06.05.2017 - Central LH & SLH Cat Club - CC & BOB  -  Judge  Mrs. L. Grant 

 BOB & 1CC DAVIES DYFRIG PURPLE RAIN (SBI c) (24.6.16) Beautiful young Birman female of just over 10 months of age and with excellent type. Strong rounded skull. Lovely broad head with a super full cheeks and lovely rounded muzzle. Ears are still a little tall for balance. Beautifully expressive almost round eyes, of a deep and even blue and which are a lovely shape and set. Slight dip in profile. Firm chin and level bite. Low and scalloped gloves, even socks. Good medium length gauntlets, almostmatched and even, nicely tapered and of a good shape. Very very pale coat, with lovely pale lilac points markings and no shading to her pale coat at all. Very well prepared. Long and nicely bushy tail. Coat length is still developing, but she already has a medium ruff. Long body with excellent body weight and boning. Super strong cat of substance for her age. Strong limbs and rounded paws. Sweet girl a little cross but handled well.



06.05.2017 - Midland Counties Cat Club - CC & BOB  -  Judge  Mrs. S. Rainbow Ockwell


01.04.2017 - Kernow Cat Club - CC & BOB  -  Judge  Mrs. L. Martin 



04.03.2017 - The Southern & South Western  Birman Cat Club Show  -  1st Kitten Open & BOB -  Judge  Mrs. A. Lyall

 1ST & BOB.DAVIES’ DYFRIG PURPLE RAIN SBI c F – 24 6.16.A playful lilac point kitten of just over 8 months whom I thought had lovely balance for her age. She has a very strong head which has breadth at the top, good round cheeks and excellent muzzle development with a level bite and a strong chin. Her ears are well separated although still quite erect and dominant and her beautiful eyes are almost round with a strong even cerulean blue colour and her medium nose has a slight dip at the bridge and lilac nose leather. Her body is long and sturdy with good substance and a broad chest, limbs are thickly boned and the bushy tail balances the body length. The developing magnolia coat has a promising silken texture and an emerging ruff. White gloves are low and slightly scalloped but symmetrical, socks are even and the broad gauntlets are nicely shaped, tapering to a level point a third down from the hocks. She was lovely to handle, solid, alert and interested in her surroundings.


At her last kitten show Skye did us very proud on winning Best Female Kitten, Best Kitten and then came runner up to the Best in Show Neuter male.