Sire:  Zachini Voldemort (13c4)

Dam: Musrafy Cadirrah (13c11)  

Well done to Lilly (you are now a Grand Champion).


09.04.16  -  Southern & South Western Birman Cat Club Show  -  GR. CC & BOB  - Mrs. V. Anderson


30.01.16    -   Celtic Longhair & Semi Longhair C.C. Show   -   GR. CC   -   Mrs. J. Gillson


07.1.15  -  Central Longhair & Semi Longhair C.C. Show  - GR. CC  -  Mrs. S. Moore   


31.01.15 - Celtic Longhair & Semi Longhair Cat Society Show  - 1 CC  -  Mrs. W. McQuilkin

Chocolate or Lilac Point Birman Adult Female
1 CC DAVIES ESAYA CARRISMOON VIOLETTA (SBI c) 17/8/12. Attractive girl with lovely type. Neat ears and rounded skull, with beautiful eyes of a deep blue and almost round shape. Small dip to profile, with full cheeks and firm chin with level bite. Good weight to her well grown body, with excellent bone and short strong paws. Feet markings all very nice and matching and sparkling white. Soft magnolia coat which was beautifully prepared, her points colour is quite a dark lilac. She wasn’t too happy today but handled well.

01.11.14 - Central Longhair & Semi Longhair Cat Club Show

1 CC & BOB - Mrs. J. Gillson


Lilly attended her first Adult cat show (double show) held on  Saturday 1st June, 2013.

01.06.13 - Somerset Cat Show  -  Mrs. A. Ivinson

A young Lilac Point girl of just over 9 months showing good Birman type with a gentle and pretty Birman expression.            A round broad head; medium ears spaced well apart; gentle contours to her developing cheeks that taper to a good muzzle; firm chin, level bite, almost round eyes of blue; medium length nose with slight dip in profile.       Good weight to her long young body; broad chest developing; medium length thickset legs, short strong paws; a balanced bushy tail.        Her coat of magnolia is long and silky; ruff forming round her neck; slight curls on the abdomen; a gentle diamond shaped mask of a delicate shade of lilac spreading well across her face; lilac on her ears, legs, and tail; white gloves, white socks; gauntlets broad to below the hock.   She was shown in good condition and handled well.

01.06.13  -  Cambria Cat Club show - Mrs. J. Green -  2nd Open.


At her first show as a kitten Lilly did us really proud.  Many thanks to her judges.       

 16.03.13  -  Semi Longhair Cat Assoc. - Mrs. A.Lyall  

  1ST & BOB. DAVIES’ ESAYA CARRISMOON VIOLETTA 13c4 F – 17.8.12. Although this very pretty lilac point Birman girl was the youngest of the three kittens in this class, she had excellent substance yet retained her femininity and I thought her type was beautiful. Her skull was strong and well rounded and her medium ears well spaced, her cheeks were full and round and tapered to a strong and well developed muzzle with a level bite and a full chin. Her eyes were almost round with the most gentle and loving expression and a deep sapphire blue in colour. Her nose was of medium length with a slight dip at the bridge, a clear profile and lilac nose leather. Her body was long, heavy and substantial and her pale lilac tail bushy and balanced her body and she had well boned medium length legs with strong paws. Her pale magnolia coat was clear and silky with length developing and no ruff as yet: a very pale lilac colour was visible on her legs and her mask was developing with the deepest colour being evident on her nose. Her white gloves were symmetrical, both dipping in a slope from the high top on the outer legs to just above the toes on the inner leg. Her socks were level, covering the entire rear paws and her well matched gauntlets were long and tapered to a point just beneath the hocks. She was a delight to handle and was well presented.